Monday, October 1, 2012

The Debates

What should you look for in the debate?

Hopefully everyone will be watching Wednesday evening for the first round of the Presidential Debates between Obama and Romney.  The debates are very important for Romney as he needs to show both a strong sense of what America needs moving forward as well as have a presidential look when he presents his case.

Obama's job is a lot easier, as he only has to tell the people that he is for government solving all of your problems and avoid tough math questions on how we would pay for any of it, i.e. like long term payment for Obama-care, run away stimulus spending, subsidizing student loans, no entitlement reform, etc...  Basically Obama will talk about the government giveaways and tell you that if everyone paid their fair share we could afford it.  Of course, it is a complete lie, but people like to believe in a free lunch, so it will play.

So, here is what I think Romney needs to punch home on Wednesday:

First, he NEEDS to define the election about 2 things: the economy and the deficit.  These really are the only 2 important topics in this election, but since the President is an abysmal failure on each he will do anything to pivot away from them.  Anything he wants to do needs to be shown to help, anything Obama wants to do needs to be shown to hurt.

The Five Point Plan:

Mitt needs to sell and believe in his 5 point plan like its the Bible.  It has some great stuff in it, but needs to all tie back to his key themes:    

1) Energy: Grow our domestic oil, gas and coal production.  Why? it will create jobs, reduce energy costs to business and consumers, and reduce dependence on oil from our enemies.  Key Example: Keystone Pipeline

2) Help Small Business: Cut tax rates, reduce regulations.  Why? Reduces cost on business, increases incentive for business to operate in the US.  Key Example:  Obama-Care, 20% Tax Cuts

3) Deficit Reduction: Cap Spending at 20% GDP.  Reform Entitlements.  Reduce tax rates, eliminate deductions.  Cut wasteful programs and align federal wages to private sector.  Key Example: Medicare Reform

4) Free Trade: Tough on China, Open new markets.  Makes consumer goods cheaper and opens new markets for American companies to compete.

5) Workforce Skills:  Open up Visa program to allow more legal immigration, improve school competition to drive better student results.  Key Example: Teacher's Unions  

Ultimately Romney needs to explain that Obama's policies are sure to make operating a business and hiring people much more expensive while increasing taxes and exploding deficits.  A set of policies that have proven to fail.

If we spend the whole evening talking about Immigration, Student Loans and Auto Bailouts, Romney will have a much harder task.  Don't get me wrong, Obama bought the votes of illegal immigrants through his 'policy' of letting them stay, he bought students votes through his subsidizing their loans, and of course paid the unions directly with tax payer money in the auto bailouts.  However, since only the American taxpayer got creamed in these situations and the costs are easy to cover up, these seem to be winning issues for Obama.  Losers for the country, but difficult to defend without looking heartless.

All in all, when you are watching, make sure you do not get distracted by stupid issues as I'm sure the moderator will ask Mitt about his taxes or some other such non-sense. Listen closely to see if Obama has any real ideas on how to put America on sure footing for the future.  I know Romney does, but listen for him to lay it out. 

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Do you think that the best way for Romney to win the presidency might be to save his money and run again 4yrs from now?

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