Monday, January 16, 2012

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

As we begin to get into the critical part of primary season and one more debate tonight in South Carolina, I thought giving my slant on the Republican field would be in order.  

Mitt Romney:

I absolutely love this guy's resume.  Governor, Private Equity CEO, Olympics President and CEO.  A history of balancing budgets and creating jobs.  More specifically, he has experience balancing budgets without raising taxes in a left leaning state.  When you compare that to Obama (Community Organizer, Lawyer, State-Senator, Senator) you can see that Romney is dripping with leadership credentials not found in our current President, and in my mind is way less likely to just punt and blame Congress for his ineffectiveness. 

He is a touch moderate.  He is not going to bring about radical change in tax policy or entitlement spending.  But I do feel he would push in the right direction on both issues.      

Ron Paul:

His ideals and policies are PERFECT.  He truly sticks to the principles of freedom.

He can't win.

Newt Gingrich:

Huge ideas man, very strong communicator, would like to see him tee up Obama in a debate.

He is oozing with Washington insider.  I am not convinced he is for as much small government as he claims to be. 

Rick Santorum:

Seems to be a pretty genuine guy.

Seems like a guy who would try to legislate the economy on course instead of just getting the hell out of the way.  Way too socially conservative for me.  If I don't want to be told how to spend my money, I certainly don't want to be told how to live my life (I already have a wife and mom).

Rick Perry:

Governor with an excellent jobs record in an enormous state with a balanced budget.  Has a great flat tax and energy plan, believes in massive reduction in federal government.  On paper he is a giant.

Presidents are required to speak.  (Still, probably the closest an Aggie will ever get to being President)

John Huntsman:

His daughters are hot.

Liberals seem to love him.  And he spoke Mandarin in a response to a debate question.  Yeah, he's in touch with the Republican electorate.

So, there is my rundown, who am I voting for?  I'd prefer to wait to see who wins then claim I backed that guy.  Everybody loves a wise ass.

In all seriousness, I am looking at a combination of policy alignment and leadership ability.  I do NOT believe that anyone that can give a rousing speech and make big promises is up for the job.  You have to be effective at getting things accomplished.  I think right now Romney is that guy.


Brian Scott said...

Andy, great start on the Pros/Cons list. Here are my comments:

Mitt Romney -
I agree that he has a good resume. He is a pragmatist who governed over a liberal state. For example, I think as President, he would keep intact Obama's health care plan.
He violates one of my fundamental rules; I can't vote for anyone who has not earned their own money. I don't think he is in touch with the working class. BTW, Obama is a self-made man who earned money and power the hard way. There is something to be said for that.

Ron Paul -
Pros: I like his foreign policy stand. We cannot afford to be an empire.
Cons: His domestic vision of cutting huge agencies of government is totally unworkable.

Newt Gingrich -
Pros: Seems progressive on some issues (climate change).
Cons: Come on, Newt Gingrich?!

Rick Santorum -
Pros: None.
Cons: I think we agree that he's like the Spanish Inquisition.

Rick Perry -
Pros: I like some of his ideas on immigration and transportation (he was for high-speed rail in Texas).
Cons: Terrible record on education in Texas. Supports a regressive tax. Prays for rain.

Jon Huntsman -
Pros: He was my favorite. He embodies what I think the Republican Party should be: fiscally conservative, centrist on social issues, and worldly (speaking Chinese is a plus in my opinion).
Cons: He left the race.

Andrew Blankenship said...

Thanks for the feedback Brian.
A couple of comments:
1) I don't think Romney will keep Obama care. He believes states should make those choices.

2) In what way is Obama a self-made man? He went to Prep School then Columbia then Harvard then did some community organizing and civil rights law and teaching before getting into state and national politics. Let me state that I see nothing wrong with that, but to imply that he somehow picked himself up by his bootstraps is a fallacy. I guess I am confused on where you draw the line for who is privileged and who is not?

3) While Romney was born with plenty of money, to imply that he did not earn all the money he made with Bain and others would be false.

4) You seem to like where other candidates suggest supporting government spending programs and dislike cutting of govt programs. Then you suggest you like Huntsman citing he is fiscally conservative. You cant have it both ways.

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